The Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology’s Receptionist Robot “SOK”

Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) would like to inform that the receptionist robot named “SOK” is developed by embedding AI technologies for human machine interaction in Khmer (developed by researchers of Institute of Digital Research & Innovation of CADT) on NAO Robot standard edition for research.

There are embadded by three Khmer Natural Language Processing (NLPs) technologies such as: Khmer Automatic Speech Recognitions (Khmer ASR), Khmer Text to Speech (Khmer TTS), and Khmer Chatbot. The robot was fully funded and supported by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication Cambodia.

1. About Nao Robot V6

Manufacturers: SoftBank Robotic Corp

Type:   Humanoid & Programmable Robot

Operation System:  NaoQi 2.8 (Linux)

Height:  57.4cm, Width: 27cm, Depth: 31.1cm

Weight: 5.48 Kg,  Battery: 90mn (Active Use)

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernets port 

Built-In: Camera, Sensor, Microphone

2. Technologies Behind

The Receptionist of Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology integrated by 3 technologies which developed by team of research such as Khmer Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Khmer Chatbot, and Khmer Text to Speech (TTS).

Khmer ASR

This technology has process of Khmer Speech (Audio) to Khmer Text.

Khmer Chatbot

This Artificial Intelligence has ability of respond answer in Khmer by knowledge of chatbot has.

Khmer TTS

This technology is transform Khmer text to speech in Khmer language.

3. Abilities

In present day, Receptionist Robot “Sok” has ability to listen and respond answers in Khmer language. The knowledge of robot answer and respond are information of organization, staff, location of rooms, and other information about Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology. The receptionist robot also has function of Facial Recognition.


National Road 6A, Kthor, Prek Leap Chroy ​Changvar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Phone: +855 10 344 040