Fulfill the National Demand in Digital Technology Through Synergic Development of Industrial and Applied Research.



Khmer NLP

Natural Language Processing

NLP is in our deepest DNA. We are the leading researchers driving Khmer machine translation, optical character recognition, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text solutions to the public and private sectors. Several applications serve our clients to be seamlessly connected and overcome language barriers.
NLP Research team is working on several projects in:

  1. Improving Khmer ASR
  2. Khmer Text-to-Speech
  3. Khmer Chatbot
  4. Khmer Neural Machine Translation
  5. Khmer Universal Machine Translation
  6. Front Desk Receptionist Robot
  7. Khmer Encoding and Discrepancies

The results of these projects are put to serve Government, Educators, NGO-s, and enterprises.
#Khmer ASR #Khmer Text Processing #Khmer Speech Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and machine learning offer countless opportunities for recognizing features in images and video content as well as to detect real-time objects. We teach computers how to detect sick crops, recognize emotions, count objects, and more.
Our research team, mainly focuses on 4 important points:

  1. Computer Vision
  2. Smart City
  3. Smart Agriculture
  4. Smart Robot

#Computer Vision # Deep Learning #Machine Learning

Data Science

Data science

Data science is the underpinning science of many business models and business innovations. We deepen together with our industrial partner’s models to enable data-based decision processes and combat fraud.
Data Science research focus on:

  1. Data Engineering
  2. Data Analysis and Visualizations
  3. Data Modeling

#Big Data #Data Analytics #Data modeling # Data Visualization #Data-Driven

Internet of Thing


How can we transform a concrete building into a smart data-driven place for people? How to make agriculture smart by using the newest technologies? Together with our business partners we deepen relevant knowledge and create proofs-of-concept based on IoT concepts.
Our IoT team is working on:

  1. Wireless Communication
  2. Smart Application
  3. Sensors
  4. Data Management

#smart home #smart office #smart agriculture #smart building

Policy Research


Digital and Innovation Policy Research Center is a policy research think-tank under IDRI focusing on digital development and innovation policy research. The Center aims to address digital development and innovation policy issues and promotes evidence-based digital policymaking through conducting rigorous digital development policy research and dialogues, studying and assessing the impact of digital technology adoption and transformation on economic and society development, and providing digital development and innovation policy consultation and related policies formulation, monitoring and evaluation.
DPRC aims to improve digital policy and governance through the following mission:
  1. Conduct rigorous digital development policy research and policy dialogues
  2. Study and assess the impact of digital technology adoption and transformation on economic and society development
  3. Provide digital policy consultation and digital policy formulation, monitoring, and impact evaluation services.


The Center’s strategic priorities emphasize its commitment to the highest quality digital policy research, to innovation driven research, and to the development and use of digital technology for the benefit of the economy and society.
The center focuses on five key priority cross-disciplinary research areas.

  1. Digital Adoption and Transformation
  2. Digital and Innovation Ecosystem Development
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  4. Cybersecurity and Governance

Technology Transfer


We are a collaborative team with strong methodology, skills, and commitment that aims to ensure that technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, applications, materials, or services, which could be used for public goods or commercial collaboration.


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