Fastype Installation & Usage Guidance

I. Requirement

1. Your Microsoft account has Microsoft 365 License

2. If your account is not allowed to install an application, please contact your Microsoft 365 Admin to deploy for you.

II. Installation

There are 2 options to find and install Fastype Add-in into your Microsoft Word.

  • Option 1: from MS Word’s Adds-in 

1. From Search box of MS Word, type to find “add-ins”, then choose Add-ins 

2. It will bring you to Office Add-ins, choose Store tab, and type in Search box to search “fastype” as shown below 

3. Click Add button, then Continue to add into your MS Word 

  • Option 2: from Apps dashboard 

1. Go to

2. Search app “Fastype”

III. Usage

1. Create a Microsoft Doc online. You will see a Fastype menu added to your MS Word

2. Click on Fastype menu, then click on Fastype app:

3. It will show Fastype’s right panel. Click ចាប់ផ្ដើម

4. Wait for a while for Fastype preparing the data for the first time. It will take around 2 – 3 minutes. 


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